Vertical beveller B332

Vertical beveller B332

Glass thickness Glass sizes min. Maximum capacity Installed power Advancement speed Dimensions Total weight Variable angle Optional
Vertical beveller B332 3-19mm 200x200mm 23kw 8×1,5×2,4mt 5000kg
  • Description

For the bevel execution up to 40 mm of width on glass from 3 to 10 mm of thickness The machine is consisting of the following working sections with the following spindles on each side:

Bevel and heel grinding:

  • 1 spindle for glass grinding and squaring
  • 3 spindles for cup diamond wheels for bevel grinding
  • 4 spindles for cup resin wheels for finishing
  • 2 spindles with vertical axis for peripheral wheels  for grinding and polishing of the heel

Washing and drying section:

  • After the processing the glass goes through an horizontal washer for washing and drying with air blowers and fan.

Bevel polishing:

  • 4 spindles on each side for felt wheels for polishing.
  • The machine completely recycles the cerium oxide.

All the bevel grinding, finishing and polishing spindles are inclinable from 3 to 15° and adjustable in height All the machine controls are electronic and allow the bevel angle setting as well as of heel.

Furthermore, from the programmers situated on the electric panel it is possible to read a certain number of statistics like: Number of pieces processed, number of meters of bevelled glass and number of hours worked The machine can be supplied with a 90° or in-line transfer table and a second machine in order to create a complete line for the bevel execution on the four sides.