Flat edge double edging machines

  • Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana is offering a large number of double edge grinding machines for flat edge suitable  for any kind of need.
  • The different models can be configured according to the customer needs.
  • The number indicated in the model corresponds to the machine number of wheels.

Catalogue request

Glass thickness Minimum glass size Maximum glass size Installed power Advancement speed Total weight Optional
SQ10/T 3-40mm 60mm 6000mm 95kw 0,8-8mt/1′ 13000kg angolo
SQ10/TS 3-40mm 60mm 6000mm 100kw 0,8-8mt/1′ 13000kg angolo
SQ11/T 3-40mm 60mm 6000mm 120kw 0,8-8mt/1′ 13000kg angolo
SQ12/T 3-40mm 60mm 6000mm 120kw 0,8-8mt/1′ 13000kg angolo
  • Double edger type SQ10T

With the following spindles on each side:

  • 3 spindles for cup diamond wheels for coarse and medium grinding and   finishing of the edge
  • 2 spindles for cup arris grinding wheels
  • 2 spindles for cup arris polishing wheels
  • 3 spindles for the edge polishing with automatic advance


  • 1 spindle for corner grinding on 2nd machine

Electronic measurement of the glass width adjustment with automatic end play recovery.
Height conveyor adjustment with position display.
Microprocessor for polishing wheels advancement.
On request: automatic patented system for adjustment of diamond wheels.

  • Double edgers type SQ10TS

The machines are equipped on each side of the following spindles:

  • 3 cup diamond spindles for flat edge grinding and finishing
  • 3 top spindles for grinding and polishing of miter
  • 2 spindles for grinding and polishing of the lower arris
  • 2 spindles for flat edge polishing spindles

Control from electric panel of the following functions:

  • Glass width change, thickness change, miter width or arris width adjustment
  • Working speed setting
  • Glass working speed from 0.8 to 8mt /minute
  • On request the line can be served by PLC
  • Special grinding machines SQ 1OT/11T for execution of min .size mm 75 x 75

Number of spindles on each side:

  • 3 cup diamond wheels for flat edge
  • 2 cup arris diamond wheels
  • 2 cup arris polishing wheels
  • 3 polishing wheels (2 rubber ,1 cerium) for model SQ10T
  • 4 polishing wheels  (3 rubber , 1 cerium) model SQ11T
  • Double edgers type SQ12T

Glass thickness: 3-25mm
Minimum glass size mm 75 x 75 or mm 200 x 200.
Equipped with the following spindles on each side:

  • 4 spindles for flat edge grinding
  • 2 spindles for arris grinding
  • 2 spindles for arris polishing
  • 4 spindles for edge polishing,with automatic advance

Microprocessor for:

  • Electronic adjustment of glass size with automatic end play recovery
  • Height conveyor adjustment with position display
  • Automatic advance of polishing wheels

Variable working speed up to 10 mt /minute.