Flat edge straight grinding machines

  • Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana is offering a wide range of straight edge grinding machines for flat edge suitable for any need.
  • The different models can be configured according to the customer needs.

Catalogue request

Glass thickness Minimum glass size Miter Installed power Advancement speed Dimensions Total weight Optional
R6 3-20mm 200x200mm NO 15kw 0,5-5mt/1′ 6,5×1,3×2,5h/mt 2800kg
R8TA 3-22mm 200x200mm NO 20kw 0,5-5mt/1′ 7,5×1,5×2,5h/mt 3500kg angolo
R10TA/TV 200x200mm 15kw
R9TS 3-22mm 200x200mm 3-20/0°-60° 19kw 0,4-4mt/1′ 7,7×1,5×2,5h/mt 3500kg
R11TS 3-40mm 200x200mm 0°-60° 23kw 0,4-4mt/1′ 8×1,3×2,5h/mt
R15TS 3-40/50mm 200x200mm 0°-60°max30 30kw 0,4-4mt/1′ 10,5×1,5×2,5h/mt 5100kg
  • R6/T

The grinding is executed with the following wheels:

  • 2 diamond wheels for coarse grinding and  finishing;
  • 2 wheels for arris grinding;
  • 2 polishing wheels for edge polishing.
  • R8/TA

Equipped with the following spindles:

  • 2 spindles for flat edge diamond wheels
  • 2 spindles for diamond arris grinding wheels
  • 2 spindles for arris polishing wheels
  • 2 spindles for flat edge polishing wheels.

The machine does not require any adjustment for the change of thickness.
The advancement of arris polishing and flat polishing wheels is automatic.
A programmer controls the electro valves of brakes that block the pneumatic cylinders of polishing wheels.
Polishing pressure is steady for all the wheel life and can be adjusted through a pressure gauge equipping each wheel.

  • R10/TA-TV

For grinding and polishing of flat edge and arris up to 22mm or 50mm, it executes the grinding and polishing off late edge and arris on the following thickness:

  • from 3 to 22mm with spring loaded conveyor (R10TA)
  • up to 50 mm with variable conveyor (R10TV)

Equipped with the following spindles:

  • 3 spindles for diamond wheels for coarse and fine grinding of flat edge
  • 2 wheels for flat edge polishing
  • 1 cerium oxide polishing wheel
  • 2 arris diamond wheels
  • 2 arris polishing wheels

Possibility to add 1 peripheral spindle for the dubbing execution.

  • R9TS

Equipped with the following spindles:

  • 2 diamond wheels for coarse and fine grinding of flat edge and miter
  • 2 wheels for the front and rear arris grinding
  • 2 wheels for the arris polishing
  • 2 polishing wheels of flat edge and miter
  • 1 cerium oxide wheel or felt wheel for the brilliant polishing of flat edge and miter.

All mitering spindles can be inclined from 0 to 50° , the inclination angle is directly controller from the electrical panel and visualized on digital display.
Maximum miter width corresponding to the maximum thickness: 3-20mm.
The height of the heel is adjusted by hand wheel situated at the machine inlet.
Arris wheels are mounted on two carriages that automatically adjust according to glass thickness; it is therefore not necessary to make any adjustment with the exception of keeping a 30 cm distance between glass sheets of different thickness.
All polishing wheels, for flat edge and arrises are equipped with automatic advancement directly controlled by a programmer.
All controls are visualized on the electrical panel.
From the same panel it is also possible to read the following statistics:

  • number of pieces worked out
  • number of hours and meters worked out
  • R11TS

For grinding and polishing off lat edge and miters from 0 to 60° with electronic variable conveyor, from 3 to 40mm.

The spindles are so distributed:

  • 1st section: 3 spindles for cup diamond wheels diameter 160mm with vertical adjustment
  • 2nd section: 2 spindles for cup diamond wheels and 2 cup polishing wheels for arris grinding and polishing diameter 125mm
  • 3rd section: 3 spindles for polishing or resin wheels diameter 150mm + 1 spindle for cerium oxide polishing wheel or felt wheel

The 1st and 3rd section are inclinable from 0 to 60° for the miter execution.
The machine is equipped with electronic programmer to execute the following adjustments: automatic adjustment of thickness, heel and inclination up to 60°.
Nr 1 water tank with water recycling pump.
Inlet and outlet conveyor chains with maximum capability 1000 kg.
Dimensions of racks :mm 2400 x 2400.

On request it i salso possible to supplì:

  • Double-polarity motors for position 8-9-10 wheels
  • Cerium slurry system complete with tank and pump
  • Higher and longer glass support racks.
  • R15TS

For the grinding and polishing of flat edge and miter and rear arris in one pass.
It simultaneously executes the polished flat edge on glass up to mm 40 (or 50mm on request) or miter up to 60° with maximum width of mm 30 and the grinding and polishing of heel.

The machine is therefore equipped with the following wheels: variable miter from 0 to 60°.
Grinding of miter or flat edge: 3 diamond + 3 resin + 1 felt.

Heel grinding (when grinding miter): 2 diamond + 2 polishing (1 of which is a felt wheel).
Rear arris: 1 diamond + 1 polishing.
Front arris: 1 fix arris or miter at 45°, 1 diamond and 1 polishing wheel.

It is also possible to execute only flat edge with arris by excluding all the mitering spindles.

Change of thickness, angle of inclination and width of the flat profile can be electronically controller and visualized.