Pencil edge double edgers

  • Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana is offering a wide range of pencil edge double edging machines suitable for any need.
  • The different models can be configured according to the customer needs. The number indicated in the model corresponds to the machine number of wheels.

Catalogue request

Glass thickness Minimum glass size Maximum glass size Installed power Advancement speed Dimensions Total weight
SQ176/3-4-5-8 3-12mm 200x200mm 2500x1600mm 68,5hp 1-10mt/1′ 7,5×7,70x1h/mt 11800kg
SQ176/8F 3-12mm 125x150mm 1000x1000mm 40kw 3-30mt/1′ 5300kg
SPECIAL 3-12mm 100x100mm 1250x1250mm 48hp 1,5-15mt/1′ 9,45×3,60/mt 11300kg
  • Double edgers SQ176-5

For pencil edging and polishing on glass thickness from 3 to 12 mm.
Minimum glass size: mm 200×200 – smaller sizes on request.
Maximum glass sizes: mm 2500 x 1600.
Other sizes on request.

Number of spindles on each side:

  • 3 spindles for peripheral diamond wheels.
  • 2 spindles for polishing wheels.


  • 1 spindle for corner grinding wheel on second machine.

Possibility to stack more than one wheel on the same spindle.
Simultaneous inclination of spindles for adjustment to the thickness change.
Automatic advance of polishing wheels up to the total wheel wear.

  • Double edgers type SQ176/8F

The machine can execute:

  • pencil edge
  • O.G edge
  • bull nose edge

Seaming on 3-12mm of 8 spindles on each side.

The machine can equip complete edging lines and completed with in-line transfer table .
Possibility to stack more wheels on the same spindle, simultaneous inclination of wheels for the adjustment to the different thickness.

  • Special for small pieces

Consisting of two double edging machines and in-line transfer for execution of glass sizes from 100 x 100mm minimum to mm 1250 x 1250 maximum.
Machines are equipped of the following spindles:

  • 2 cup seaming wheels mm 150 x 40
  • 2 peripheral diamond wheels Ø mm 200 for pencil edging
  • 2 polishing wheels Ø 250mm for pencil edge polishing

Possibility to stack more wheels on the same spindle.
Simultaneous inclination of all the diamond and polishing spindles for the thickness change.
Automatic advance of polishing wheels.
The in-line transfer executes rotates the piece at the same speed as the working speed.
High production and easy thickness change.