Glass is very fragile, yet the machinery for handling glass must be extremely rugged…carefully and deliberately engineered with working muscle to spare. Glass working machinery is subject to a constant spray of water and grit, yet it must deliver reliable power and precision and be designed for dependable around-the- clock operation.
You can afford to break a piece of glass but you can’t afford machinery breakdown.
Besana Machinery delivers on all these counts…and does it with muscle to spare


About us

sde01CMB Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana is an historical Italian company manufacturing glass processing machinery since 1917.
The whole productive process of our machines begin from the design which is fully executed in our engineering department that utilizes last generation software and computer aided three dimensional programmes.
The execution and machining of particulars is made by selected mechanical Italian companies while the whole assembly and testing are totally executed by our technicians. The factory is situated in Cittiglio (VARESE) – with offices in Milano .
The company has also a foreign branch in the United States under the name of Besana-Lovati Inc situated in WINSTON-SALEM –North Carolina with a small office on the West Coast in Whittier –L.A. -

What we do

Business consultancy
A 360° consultancy to customer with analysis of needs, proposal of possible solutions and complete assistance from the quotation to the machinery installation.
Engineering department
Our engineering department is at full disposal of customer to study and design custom-made solutions and suggest to customer the most adequate choice for his needs.
Second-hand guaranteed
We offer a large range of products completely reconditioned and guaranteed, a good alternative for those who are looking for a good deal.
Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana spa:
We write history of the glass industry around the world since 1917.