Min. glass size Max. glass size Glass thickness Maximum weight
650 x 1000mm 800x1900mm from 3 to 19mm 300kg

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  • To transfer glass sheets from a vertical glass rack to the horizontal table conveyor placed at the entrance of double edger.
    All movements of glass approach, grip, lifting, overturn, shifting over the horizontal conveyor and glass release – are automatic and controlled by the double edger PLC.
  • For the glass grip the loader is fit with a sucker surface connected to a vacuum circuit. According to the different glass sizes, the PLC selects all necessary suckers and excludes the other from the circuit.
    The sucker holding surface is placed on a bridge frame from which it receives motion of horizontal movements and rotation from vertical to horizontal position.
    For loading, glass must be placed on trolleys and must have all the same reference point: this means that glass sheets must all have the same backing base, the centre positioned in the middle of the trolley (or stand).


  • The transport table is made up of a frame in welded steel with a set of rubber covered rollers. Rollers turn by means of geared motor controlled by inverter – speed advance is commanded by PLC.
  • A sensor controls the detachment of glass from suckers to avoid any overlapping. A patented special surface with idle wheels receives glass and leaves it onto the rollers after that this one is aligned against a reference line that can be adjusted. Positioning of glass sheets is made on a surface with idle wheels and assures that no scratches happen during their shifting.
    According to the difference glass sizes It is possible to load one or two glass sheets on the same cycle,